Innovative Energy Solutions

Utilizing the World’s Vast Quantities of Wasted Heat to Produce Green Power and Pure Water

Innovative Energy Solutions

PwrCor™ is a cleantech energy technology company offering advanced, novel solutions in the Waste-Heat-to-Energy, Geothermal, Clean Water, Hydrogen Production, and other applicable markets

With our proprietary heat conversion technology, we produce cost-effective mechanical or electric power from ultra-low-grade heat – from low-grade heat in the 200 to 300°F range down to ultra-low temperatures below 150°F.

Refined through years of research and development, PwrCor’s entirely green proprietary technology fills a void in the marketplace.

This technology, like others, can convert heat to power. However, it does so with lower grade heat and with far less thermal inflow than any other technologies on the market.

As a result, it opens up a set of large market opportunities that have been inaccessible and thus untapped – these are opportunities where heat is available from geothermal, solar, or other sources, including wasted heat, and where that heat is adequate for PwrCor technology but not other technologies.

In effect, PwrCor enables customers to obtain “free” electrical power from an existing, unutilized resource.