PwrCor Technology

 PwrCor’s mission is to improve the economics of energy production and reduce global carbon output by converting the world's vast quantities of wasted heat into green power.

Technology Basics


Simply stated - PwrCor™ technology converts heat into mechanical power. That mechanical power can be used for innumerable purposes, such as to drive machinery, to pump fluids, or to drive a generator to produce electricity. The heat can come from any source. Most importantly - it is typically free – from naturally occurring sources such as geothermal and solar, or “man-made” from manufacturing operations, engine operation, or some other mechanical or chemical process.


There are vast quantities of what is referred to as ultra-low-grade heat – defined as heat under 250°F – which is typically discarded. Cost effective conversion of heat to power at those temperatures has been technically challenging. As a result, it has been overlooked as a clean energy resource.


PwrCor’s technology has been demonstrated to operate very effectively in the ultra-low-grade range, including supply temperatures as low as 140°F. Testing has proven that the technology can be productive at even lower supply temperatures. On the hotter side, thermodynamic modeling shows the technology to be equally effective at temperatures at least up to the 400°F range, and potentially higher.

2nd Generation Prototype Design

2nd Generation unit at Test Site

Superior Performance and Economics

- Operates effectively at lower temperatures & flows than legacy technologies.

- Proven more efficient than ORC – Produces up to 1.5 to 3 times as much power 

- Projected simple paybacks are about 2 years - and faster with government incentives

Easily Implemented

     4th Generation features:

- Compact, environmentally benign, no pollution, and adaptable      

- Scalable, modular, quiet, reliable, no emissions or hazardous materials

- Straightforward installation and requires minimal maintenance

Entirely “Green”

- Converts ultra-low-grade wasted heat into fossil fuel-free and emission-free power
- Manufacturing is less harmful to the environment then are wind or solar technologies

- Based on proprietary novel technology - not an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)